Abstract image of a personal budgeting app.

Personal Budgeting Apps: 2019

Josh Donnelly Budgeting, Finance, Money

So, here you are on the blog of a personal budgeting app, searching for personal budgeting apps, wondering if we’re really going to talk about other personal budgeting apps or just promote our own. Well, you’re in luck. We’re not only going to talk about some of the most popular personal budgeting apps of 2019, we’ll also be talking through …

Featured image of an abstract retail transaction receipt showing the importance of learning how to set a budget.

How To Set A Budget

Josh Donnelly Budgeting, Finance, Money

You’re here to learn about how to set a budget but here’s the thing…I hate budgeting. I’m sure that’s probably not what you were expecting from one of the founders of a budgeting startup but it’s true. The process can be tedious, the theories are endless and it’s downright impossible to stay consistent. Yet, I’m fully aware of how important …