Mint alternative:
benefits of choosing Change

If you're looking for a Mint alternative, then you've come to the right place. Change is a budgeting app built with humans in mind. No glaring ads, no financial jargon, no hassle.


Zero Based Budget

Sync Bank Account

Personal P&L

Built For Couples


Budget Overview

We believe that budgeting is more than just numbers on a page it is something that is meant to be interacted with, reviewed often, and easily digestible.

Designed For You - Not Your CPA

Your time is best spent ensuring that your budget meets your needs and your future goals. Not trying to figure out complex user interfaces or trying to understand financial jargon.


Budget Overview

The Information You Need - At a Glance.

Quickly view your income and budget buckets. If you're on track your buckets glow purple. Overspend and they'll glow red. No number crunching. No hassle.


Reconciling Transactions

Simple, Easy, Effective Accounting

We've built out two methods for tracking your expenses. Quick Log and Reconcile.

Quick Log takes place directly from your budget overview screen making it easy to do all of your organizing in one place. Simply drag and drop.

Reconcile allows for you to easily view all of your transactions in one place. View details, assign buckets and confirm the transaction all from one screen.


Personal P&L

Understanding The Bigger Picture

Planning ahead is key to a good budget but reviewing is equally as important.

We've taken the guesswork out of typical percentage based summaries and drawn from our experience with business-level Profit & Loss Statements.

See your total income, your spending habits by category and where you've saved.


One Budget

Made To Be Used Together

Let's be real, relationships do not take place in a silo − neither do budgets. Communication is key.

That's why Change was built with couples in mind. Separate accounts empower each partner to log, track and review spending habits together in one place.

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